We are Event & Conference Organizers in Egypt

An event is about much more then the individual program objective or the gathering of people. Well-planned events provide an opportunity to advance the overall strategic goals for your organization. Planning events well can take a lot of time and resources and it’s important to achieve the right results to provide a return on your investment. Our proven process helps you to identify the short-term impact and long-term results of your event.
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Event and Conference Planning in Egypt
Event and Conference Planning in Egypt


The success of any conference or event depends on the people planning and managing it.

Event and Conference Planning in Egypt

From the very beginning of the planning process, you can rely on us to help you set goals and targets, develop your program, and create a realistic budget. As planning moves forward, we are there to finalize your program, promote your event, recruit sponsors, raise funds, register guests, and manage event logistics. During the delivery of your event, we’re there managing every aspect of on-site logistics, allowing you and your staff to participate in and enjoy your conference or event and connect with those that are important to you.

Event & Conference Organizers in Egypt

Whether you are planning an appreciation event, annual general meeting, conference, fundraiser or launch we can help you.



Strategic event planning

Planning an event without a strategy makes it difficult to deliver on event expectations. Our team understand that every event, large or small, should have a careful assessment and event planning strategy before executing and we will help you to achieve your goals.

Event and Conference Planning in Egypt

Budget planning and management

The preparation of a budget is an essential part of event management. It is fundamentally important that Event Directors are able to predict with reasonable accuracy whether the event will result in a profit, a loss or will break-even and here it comes to our mission.

Event and Conference Planning in Egypt

Program and content development

Developing a content strategy for your events can help bring value to your customers so they keep coming back. Since the issue with any content strategy is time we can help you break down the content strategy for your event or conference planning step by step.

Event and Conference Planning in Egypt

Venue sourcing and contracts

Our venue sourcing solution, can help you find that perfect venue for your meeting or event—and secure great rates and terms and conditions. The service is complimentary for commissionable venues, so you save time and money!

Event and Conference Planning in Egypt

Event Registration Services

Egypecs provides a variety of online and onsite registration options, pre-conference services, and badge technologies that always include the support of our exceptional team before and during your event.

Event and Conference Planning in Egypt

Evaluation and Surveys

With Evaluation and Surveys you can collect feedback before, during or after your activity, so you are sure that the content meets the expectations or will do so in the future.

Event and Conference Planning in Egypt


Our team of experienced event managers work with you to create and produce events and conferences with immediate and lasting impact. With your vision and objectives as our guide, we develop creative concepts, provide you with access to exceptional venues, create and implement a delegate communication and registration system and flawlessly execute to deliver unforgettable event experiences with maximum returns.


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